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ELKprint Studio

Podcast Coming March 1, 2024
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ELKprint Studio is an individual nomadic residency that explores Printmaking, Art, Science, and Mythology. After years of documenting research and traveling the studio has focused on producing and publishing pre-recorded podcasts and books for public learning and entertainment. 

Where has the professional practice of ELKprint Studio traveled?

Currently, the base moved to Iowa in July 2022 but has traveled since 2013

USA: WNY, New Hampshire, Massachusets, Arizona, 

Tokyo: Japan

Canada: Quebec, Ottowa, Ontario

Netherlands: Dordrecht

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Title: Parallel Stars 

Topic: Mythology, Art, and Science



Parallel Stars reflects upon fact and fiction, or the art of science and mythology. We start as children discovering the universe inside and out. The magic and wonder of a curious mind develop stories and theories. As we get older, we become determined to analyze ourselves through others, confront history and evolution, exhibit habitats and resources, and immerse ourselves in current events that change the future, all in the hopes of finding meaning in life.

Pre-recorded Solo Act: 13 Episodes ( once a month)

This podcast is made for open-minded individuals, Artists, Historians, and Scientists, whether you’re a skeptic or a believer this Podcast focuses on the young curious mind growing and developing creative processes through the research of mythology and science. For those who walk the bridge between two worlds. 


Age range 13+ (Though I expect 18+ of a more mature audience to be interested in the topic of professional development and contemporary arts.)


What sort of communities or events do you see this podcast linking to?

Artist residencies or Art & Science conferences, where professional individuals meet to share their practice and collaborate.

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Title: Island of Lost Stars

Topic: Entertainment Fantasy-Radio, Mythology, Art, mental health, and Science



Island of Lost Stars is a fictional midnight broadcasting radio station for those lost and hopeless souls who have been spirited away by the nightly Ghost Train, and the floating fog Castaway Boats.  It is a cursed place, for those who enter the ring of seven lighthouses surrounding the island can never leave. The unanimous broadcaster goes by Lost Star. A lost soul who has learned to make this strange new island home.

Pre-recorded Solo Act: 13 Episodes (one every full moon)


Age range: 18+ (Suggested for a more mature audience. May discuss topics of mental health, abuse, or death)


What sort of communities or events do you see this podcast linking to?

Inspiration for artists, related to those into modern theories of Astrology. Those who read fantasy and fiction.

Parallel Stars Schedule 

March 1st 2023

Session 1 


April 1st

Session 2 



May 1st

Session 3 


June 1st

Session 4  



July 1st

Session 5 



August 1st

Session 6 



September 1st

Session 7 



October 1st

Session 8 



November 1st

Session 9 




December 1st

Session 10 



January 1st

Session 11 



February 1st

Session 12 



March 1st, 2024

Session 13 

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Island of Lost Stars Schedule 

 Full Moon

Chapter 1 - House of Aries



 Full Moon

Chapter 2 - House of Taurus 



 Full Moon

Chapter 3 - House of Gemini 


Full Moon

Chapter 4 - House of Cancer



 Full Moon

Chapter 5 - House of Leo



Full Moon 

Chapter 6 - House of Virgo



Full Moon

Chapter 7 - House of Libra




Full Moon 

Chapter 8 - House of Scorpio



Full Moon

Chapter 9 - House of Sagittarius



Full Moon

Chapter 10 - House of Capricorn



Full Moon

Chapter 11 - House of Aquarius 


Full Moon

Chapter 12 - House of Pisses 



Full Moon 

Chapter 13 - House of Ophiuchus 

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