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Erin L Kuhn's work centers around narrating and formulating the internal and external environment by navigating habitats of land, sea, and sky. Symbolic bodies of the work are designed to reflect upon her memories as a child while growing up in unstable home environments. Recorded duration and maps overlay the work with hopes for a promising change in our future. 


Through innovative print process of adding and subtracting recorded documentation, Kuhn’s work is constructed from hard, soft, obscure and translucent materials. They exhibit both the physical and mental states of fragility and sustainability inside and out of the body. We are pushed to question current issues that are offering windows of opportunities and collaboration between artist, scientists, and viewers. 


Kuhn received her MFA at Arizona State University in 2020 and BFA at The University at Buffalo in 2013.


Walking Borders 

Organ Pipes Cactus National Monument 2018

Walking on Printmaking plates along the boarders between the United States and Mexico

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